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About the Seminar


The “Parent Groups of children 0-12 months” is a comprehensive program of seminars for every parent who not only faces sleeping issues with his baby but also wishes to establish healthy sleeping habits early on.

As a parent, you already know that your baby’s sleep doesn’t leave you unaffected; on the contrary. You may experience tiredness or frustration, you may consider that you don’t spend enough quality time either with your baby or for yourself, or you just may feel completely exhausted.

As a mother and sleep consultant for infants and children, I sympathize with you. However, I have good news for you. There is no need to experience this period of your life that hard. There are solutions for every case; and we will be in this seminar to reveal them all. This seminar guarantees that you will learn anything you need to know about your baby’s sleep! We will analyze sleeping issues together with normal sleep from a holistic and practical perspective, whereas I personally ensure you that by the end of the seminar, you will not have a single question about anything that concerns you now.


They said about our journey...


“In addition to a huge THANK YOU to Maria, I want to urge everyone, who thinks that he/she needs guidance, to ask for her help – the result will surprise you! Believe in your children’s potential and you will see changes both in your life and your daily routine that you either haven’t imagined or considered possible.”

Marianna – Tasos


Maria helped us a lot to overcome some difficulties that our little one was facing during her sleep (8 months).[…] Thank you very much for this short journey that we experienced together. I am really grateful for all your psychological support and for being always there to listen to my concerns and guide me in order to find solutions.


How can I participate in the parent program?

Group of parents (0-12 months for sleep)


115 / Parent
  • -50% for the second parent

Comprehensive 3-week seminar program

Questions to be answered in parent groups of children 0-12 months:

These questions will be answered along with many others during the 3-week seminar. You may ask your own questions and take notes, thus discovering an unweary as well as qualitative world for the whole family. 

How do parent groups work?

Parent groups of children 0-12 months old are a meeting place for parents and caregivers with common interests and concerns.

Children’s sleep is the main interest of each group which will be approached from a broad and holistic point of view including every affected aspect. Each group is addressed to parents with children of the same age range in order to focus on issues that concern everyone. We meet online with each group once a week and discuss on specific topics.

In each weekly seminar, the first part concerns the analysis of the topics in the form of a presentation made by me while the second one includes a free discussion of all participants upon these topics. In this second part, each parent is encouraged to bring his/her personal concerns and issues that preoccupy his/her own case for the purpose of discussing them and proposing tools and solutions.

At the end of each seminar, parents get a small homework and we discuss its results during the next seminar. Parent groups are a place where we all should feel safe to share our apprehension, bondreflect and better ourselves. And of course, to get answers to difficult sleeping issues and to obtain tools which can help us manage everyday life with greater ease in terms of our child’s sleep.

Why should I attend this seminar?

This seminar is essentially a complete education on topics relating to a child’s sleep.

It covers a comprehensive variety of questions considering sleep. These questions may include what to expect, what might affect them, as well as by which means parents can help their child sleep better and thrive.

Within this group, you will have the opportunity to share your concerns, bond with parents who may be experiencing the same difficulties, and get thorough answers which will immediately improve your daily life.

What will I earn from this seminar?

By the end of the seminar “Parent Groups of children 0-12 months”, you will feel more confident and secure regarding the role of caregiver for your child, not only in terms of sleep but also in relation to your daily decisions.


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  1. What is normal in infant sleep (infant physiology, circadian rhythms, organization and sleep patterns, number of awakenings, attachment, response, autonomy, idiosyncrasy, habits and myths in relation to sleep).
  1. Safety in sleep (safety in the crib, in co-sleeping, in the sleeping area, and emotional security).
  1. How to take care of my baby qualitatively (signs of drowsiness, quality time, lifestyle, connection, reassurance in crying).
  1. How to establish healthy sleep habits (sleep environment, routines, diet, activity).
  2. Indicative sleep schedules for infants from 0 to 12 months.
  3. All those I should take care of when introducing solid foods.

1. Why does my baby cry a lot and how can I help it (often undiagnosed medical issues that you need to know).

2. My baby does not sleep. What could be wrong? (analyzing sleep pillars to find the deep causes that make it difficult for your baby to sleep).

3. Parents’ self-care and options of support.

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