Child Sleep Consulting

Holistic, Attachment-based, Trauma-informed approach

Personalized consulting according to the specific needs and goals of the family.

Free 20-minute Make-A-Match call

In this conversation, you describe your needs and challenges to me and I respond with my approach and the ways in which I can help you.

My approach

Maria Besini - Child Sleep Consultant

I am Maria, a child sleep consultant, and mum. My main goal focuses on the well-being of the child at all levels and at the same time the well-being of all family members. I approach each family individually and each challenge in a holistic way. Thus, we identify the root causes which bring about this behavior as well as find appropriate solutions or ways of handling it. My practices are up-to-date with regard to trauma, and they promote empathy, secure attachment, harmony with nature, and trust in intuition. I ensure you that your sleep and well-being will be optimized in the long term by these means without the use of predefined methods of “sleep training”.

During this journey of ours, I have one mission; to help you be more rested, happier, and more confident in this all-important role of parenting.

Quality of support

I am here to listen to you, understand your needs, and suggest solutions that are designed for you.


Multi-year experience, studies, and access to up-to-date documented scientific research are proof of evidence that you are in good hands.

For children from 0 to 6 years old

There is no education for the child except for the parents. This is why sleep consulting is perfectly safe for any age.

Why should you work with me?

Sleep consulting

with love and empathy

You are special

This is why you do not want to be offered one-size-fits-all solutions but solutions that are destined for you.

It's complicated…

This is why you need me. Otherwise, Google Search would have given you answers.

You care about your baby

So, do I. Thus, rest assured that only good things will happen to your little one as long as we work together.

You are tired

I can feel you. This is why we will slowly unravel the tangle together with care and love.

Είστε ξεχωριστοί

Γι’ αυτό δεν θέλετε να σας προτείνουν λύσεις one-size-fits-all αλλά λύσεις που ταιριάζουν σ’ εσάς.

Είναι περίπλοκο

Γι’ αυτό με χρειάζεστε. Αλλιώς σας κάλυπτε και το google search.

Νοιάζεστε για το μωρό σας

Κι εγώ. Γι’ αυτό μείνετε ήσυχοι ότι μόνο καλά πράγματα πρόκειται να του συμβούν όσο δουλεύουμε μαζί.


Σας νιώθω. Γι’ αυτό θα ξετυλίξουμε μαζί το κουβάρι σιγά σιγά με φροντίδα και αγάπη.


They said about our journey...


“In addition to a huge THANK YOU to Maria, I want to urge everyone, who thinks that he/she needs guidance, to ask for her help – the result will surprise you! Believe in your children’s potential and you will see changes both in your life and your daily routine that you either haven’t imagined or considered possible.”

Marianna – Tasos


Maria helped us a lot to overcome some difficulties that our little one was facing during her sleep (8 months).[…] Thank you very much for this short journey that we experienced together. I am really grateful for all your psychological support and for being always there to listen to my concerns and guide me in order to find solutions.


Free 20-minute Make-A-Match call

In this conversation, you describe your needs and challenges to me and I respond with my approach and the ways in which I can help you.


Personalized, holistic approach, friendly towards family and child

Individual Sessions

60-minute sessions either individually or as a program extension.

Personalized Programs

Structured fixed-term programs for your family (for children 0-6 years old).

Parent groups

Online parent educative groups for sleep (for children 0-12 months and 1-5 years).


Subject areas of webinars and workshops.


They said about our journey...​

(...)Maria is a real professional. Always listening attentively. Perceiving your needs with great empathy and offering many holistic and enlightening solutions. [....]She helped me rise the quality of my life by showing me what I needed to change. She helped me understand my children's psychology (1.5 year old twins). And of course improve their sleep quality! THANK YOU Maria, for going this very special journey with me!

- Dora, Mother of 18-month-old twins

From the very first contact, I immediately realized that she is the right person for this occupation. She has a calmness in her voice and along with her will she was there to listen to me and comprehend me. Even though our little one dealt with many changes, she cooperated above and beyond from the first day! [...] I want to urge everyone, who thinks that he/she needs guidance, to ask for her help - the result will surprise you!

- Mother of a 2-year-old child

Maria has a magical way of listening and feeling you. It makes everything seem solvable. From the first session, she restored all the hope that I had lost. She is so well qualified that there is no doubt whether you will or not succeed. And I did it! [...] The quality of our daily life has improved significantly. Maria, my family and I are deeply grateful!

- Renalda, Mother of a 2-year-old child


    Sleep is influenced by a large number of factors that should not be overlooked. Factors like health, nutrition and emotional well-being. We need to take everything into account.


    The safe attachment of a child to his/her parent is a fundamental parameter for healthy sleep and happy feelings. It is important to make sure that we maintain a secure connection.


    Identifying a trauma contributes to finding the necessary tools and resources for its healing. We work gently and with great care, especially in the case of trauma.


    Why is my approach different?

    Your challenges

    Sleep challenges (multiple awakenings, early morning awakening, resistance to sleep which results in late night sleeping, inconsistent or short naps during the day, challenging behavior, etc.)

    Additional challenges (health issues, less-than-ideal circumstances, lack of support, big changes, twins, personal triggers from our own traumas, complicated situations, etc.)

    Sleep optimization (healthy sleep habits, sleep hygiene, biological needs, environment, health, emotional well-being, nutrition, etc.)

    Family goals (maintain breastfeeding, night weaning, dissociate breastfeeding from sleep, Transition to another bed or room, strengthen the attachment, etc.)


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